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Chiner going hard on coal

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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    China commissioned 38.5 Gigawatts of coal power plants last year – a greater increase than the 37.8 Gigawatts worth of coal plants which were closed down around the world during the same period. This caused a net increase in the world’s coal power capacity since 2015.

    Since 1965, no country has put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the United States. The 264 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide the U.S. has emitted to the atmosphere represented 22.5% of global emissions during that time, and was well ahead of the cumulative 216 billion metric tons from the European Union (EU). In second place among countries was the 188 billion metric tons emitted by China.

    But as China has industrialized – with a heavy reliance on coal-fired power – Chinese emissions have rocketed past both those of the U.S. and the EU:

    Folks, what would Greta say?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    fucking legends
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    i wonder if her dad uses her on a nightly basis.
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    netstat African Astronaut
    edited for privacy
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    cigreting Space Nigga
    good ol chiner kickin ass
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    They should have let MacArthur bomb them while we had the chance.
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    Originally posted by rabbitweed They should have let MacArthur bomb them while we had the chance.

    ↑ jelly
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