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Why do we care about reckless murder in the developed world but not the developing world?

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    Ajax African Astronaut [rumor the placative aphakia]
    Are we that different?
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
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    Donald Trump African Astronaut
    Developed world has a middle class the corporate elite want to attack.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    fucking retarded up that acronym
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    Most people in the developed world look at developing nations as third world coountries full of non white subhumans if they don't speak english ontop of it, most Americans would think wanton violence and savagery is akin to the norm of there and not something we can relate to.

    I've never experienced a car bomb going off outside of my Mosque as we're all walking out or been witness to the aftermath of a drone strike or rocket attack. Hard to relate to something like that for most people in the West.

    Do you think a Nigerian man can relate to being a good father to his white child?
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    like when aldra cut himself i felt empathy because we're both white people high on drugs who don't wanna go to the hospital, even 17,000 miles away, I can identify with that feeling because i've ripped nails off my body to get out of doing stuff by saying I stubbed my toe and showing them
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    Ajax African Astronaut [rumor the placative aphakia]
    People literally get knifed in the middle of the street or ran the fuck over and people go right around them. The only reason they don’t step over them is to avoid getting blood on the shoes they can’t afford to replace.

    (Certain) people get mistreated in the US and there are riots.

    Which set of norms is correct?
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    i wish i lived where I could knife fight in the street without 1 fag with a cell phone yelling "WHITE BOY WORLD STAR"
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    netstat African Astronaut
    we care more because we're in the developed world, other people in the developed world feel closer to us due to the tribal instincts programmed into man by evolution and so it's more like a family member getting killed while a murder in the developing world is generally perceived as an irrelevant event in an alien land
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    netstat African Astronaut
    i read the rest of the thread and i think you mean something different and my post is irrelevant but oh well
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    Ajax African Astronaut [rumor the placative aphakia]
    Originally posted by netstat i read the rest of the thread and i think you mean something different and my post is irrelevant but oh well

    It’s open for interpretation.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    If you take a dollar from my friend and I kinda didn't like yoou from the get, I"ll use it as a catalyst to make right.


    I live in a first world country. I'd love to see someeone able to live life in a third world country where people don't get too be shit.
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