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Have you done your taxes yet.

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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    I havent.
    Any idea where to do it completely free?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I haven't done my taxes since 2013 before I started doing meth.

    The day I got my tax money I broke up with a girl I was dating for 2 years and it was a really messy breakup the kind where she hits up your friends and tries to sleep with them all. I started taking a lot of benzos and lost track of my life a bit and now the fog is starting to clear up a bit and it's 2021.

    Well at least it's not 2023
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    Data African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Fonaplats I havent.
    Any idea where to do it completely free?


    No federal filing charge and like $15 for state.

    Everywhere will charge for state but you can just do it yourself honestly. You probably just have W2's so it'll be easy
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    POLECAT POLECAT is a motherfucking ferret [my presentably immunised ammonification]
    I'm paying a little old lady to do mine,, its gonna cost me about 2 fiddy
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    i do others for 40$ a person, i just use turbotax for federal then do the state by hand. the library is really a good resource locally for all the paperwork you need to file most types of taxes for most filers. If you have any questions or want to speak more on the matter you can reach me at my office, thanks! Great job getting them done at the absolute last minute.

    oh they extended it to 5/17 cuz you can't do paperwork yourself cuz of covid, god bless.

    if anyone else needs help, hmu
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