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Developing emotional fidelity with another person.

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    I either am 100% or 0% and like sometimes I misconstrue how people are treating me to think they like me more than they actually do (Or not realize when they genuinely like me)

    I'm Afraid to tell others about my past, or things that i have felt, or make myself emotionally vulnerable.

    I gain very little from their opinion and i don't really trust them, but then they start going on and on to me about themselves and i wonder why? IF I tell this person anything about me, won't they just share it as quickly as they share me the information on others?

    BUt it's lonely not having anyone.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Have u tried raping them?
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    no. Can't. Can't fight and maintain an erection much less like force soomeone to take minee.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    It's a lot easier when they aren't awake
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    I'm sure, lol or drugged or dead.

    But like, I get turned on by someone wanting to have sex with me. If they don't, I don't really want to either.

    I've never paid or traded drugs for sex like in an arrangement. That's just kinda gross bro.

    If I was in cambodia I 100% guarantee I'd be sleeping with two or three transgender people and never give them anything other than gifts I enjoy giving (Candles, favorite beer, good rice, R&B music on USBs) because I"m not a john, i'm not a trick, i'm not a loser lol

    Just a bad man who good to his people and a savage to our enemies.

    If you don't like Brad now yoou'll like him a lot leess when he's waiting for you in your house.

    My boy said that about mee to this kid who wanted to talk shit when i wasn't there and called me cuz hee thought it was funny.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    I been retarded just ask my special ed teacher.

    Like idk if you get this but i want a wife and need somoeoone i can confide my thinkings in that i need to use as a soundbooard and hear cnostructive ideas with for thee betterment of my people.

    But I can't trust anyone, i barely trust me.
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    you can trust me.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Bradley I've never paid or traded drugs for sex like in an arrangement. That's just kinda gross bro

    I have. I would get a bunch of meth pipes from the store and melt down a fat bowl and then go find the cutest hooker and show it to her and try and lure her back to my house like capturing a stray cat with a can of tuna.

    Sometimes I would get really fucked up and follow them around for a few days and meet all their cute friends giving them all drugs so they don't run away and pretend they were my girlfriends. I just wanted to get fucked up and look at pretty girls.

    I am fine with just getting fucked up and looking at one girl all day though. Chasing females takes a lot of time and energy. Months and years will fly by and hundreds and thousands of dollars spent in the blink of an eye with no regret.
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