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Woman Keeping me from going Off Grid No Gays Allowed in this Convo

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    Kal Joose Tuskegee Airman
    I mean No Sissy Men. Gay or Straight.

    HTS and maybe Finny can even join if he doesnt act like a faggot and trash this even if he is one

    Gigi doesnt want me to push forward for my Survival Cabin the First Cabin will be a basic Box Cabin of 120x100 or up to 200x200 depending on the county allowing me to Build a floating Cabin off Grid. (even if it was on grid and in NYC its still legal to build a 120x100 shed that isnt cemented down in concrete but on a floater. Like building a deck with Walls

    Before I get started. Gigi was a princess and her Mom was a Doctor of Anesthesiology. (Pretty much the top of being a physician) Her father was a well known Political figure in Chinaś anti communism including Tienanmen Sq of May 1989.
    She is prissy. I love her but she wont go camping and she wont go fishing and she is afraid of worms and bugs. She said if an Earthquake happens and the building is Condemed she will hella go rent a Hotel. I told her, We could stay in this cabin and I could build a few more for her Sis and Brother in law if it came to the Infrastructure becoming that effed up. just an acre or two of land and a few cabins.
    She thinks Im gonna go meet someone and leave her. My ex wife would of loved if I had left for months to go do something productive.
    this is part 1 of 3 parts.I suggest you watch it and help me calm her in leaving and doing some guy shit even on my own. before Winter sets in of 2022.

    it´s probably the best Cabin tutorial this guy offers on Youtube. its just my first Go to cabin where I will slowly build an additional Cabin with add ons later on. To see if I can find a loophole in not paying a Building permit or I will just pay the damn thing.

    He also has a tutorial on hand drilled Well. Which I am excited to watch. His user name is BushRadical

    go here

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    Meikai African Astronaut
    Build an A frame instead. Nobody thinks living in a tiny box is glamorous but you might be able to sell her on a trendy and chic A frame design.
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    opie is a fag that asked me to sleep with him in new york and asked for my parents money
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    Kal Joose Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Meikai Build an A frame instead. Nobody thinks living in a tiny box is glamorous but you might be able to sell her on a trendy and chic A frame design.

    Oddly I was just looking at this one in Hocking Hills Ohio. itś pretty nice Apparently not far from Fona, but you can build the A Frame over the Shed cabin. the idea is to have a place to be while slowly spending a few weeks and maybe a full month in the summer building a larger home. I dont need to have a 3 bed and 2 bath or larger house. Just a bedroom first with stove and maybe some small furniture with a prouecting TV on the wall and nick nacks and then build an A-frame over it buy building a decking around the shed cabin. this way you kind of manipulate around having to spend 10k for a building permit and then have to meet some fucking deadline which they usually push on you or charge you more building permits anually. its no joke when building a house This was just to be a retreat and then a place to live. Better then living on the streets if the economy went to shit.

    shit is going to get expensive. The term ¨Buy land now, they´re not making anymore of it¨ is a real thing. Alaska is getting homestead real fast. I dont even think they give out land or pay you money to live there anymore
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    Kal Joose Tuskegee Airman
    Hocking Hills A-Frame Dunlap AirBnB

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    cigreting Space Nigga
    120x100 or 200x200 is small to you???
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    Ghost Black Hole
    HTS hates the gays and so do I.

    Why do they ALWAYS have to have sex with everyone they see. Like when i'm single I don't try and fuck EVERY girl and message hundreds I just play it cool you know they are all so fuckign cringe and thirsty and annoying
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