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Only you and I, bro

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    Real friends, real lads, best roots, most strict mates

    Do you remember that whore who said not to touch her, and you shoved it in her ass? And then the whole brotherhood fucked her? Do you remember how we all bent her over, how she moaned over the toilet?

    But this bitch wasn't simple, she wasn't like all the others. It wasn't enough for her to immediately forget about it and shut her mouth. Suddenly some faggot willing to defend her showed up, and this faggot turned out to be the director of a company with offices, commerce, etc. But how can you live like this without giving some percentage to protection? They protected him here and there. He whispered in their ear to go after the assholes who went after his girl. He paid as much as necessary for his future bride. Now all the lads are locked up. This faggot paid to all the cops.

    Now all my lads are gone. What to do now?

    Only you and I, bro. How many bitches did we fuck? How much money do we make? Believe in your authority, what in freedom, what in jail. Only you and I, two warriors in the field. What happens around when the sun goes down? Our time is passing.

    Everyone was getting interrogated in the jails, and only I was left. What was I to do? I woke up angry and went to the garage; took a hidden pistol from inside a car tire. Decided to find that whore, fuck her, and kill her. And her faggot was an owner of a fancy cottage. In there this cunt was hiding until about 14:00, then she would crawl out to enjoy the sun of day. And at one perfect moment, while shopping at boutiques, not suspecting anything, she felt fear. Something hard hit her in the face and fucked her forehead. I moved smoothly, dragging her to the car. We smoothly moved her towards the woods; the best place to drop off a body unnoticed.

    I did not take my eyes off of her, I was ready to die if I wasn't able to kill this bitch. I was controlling her movements, always pointing a gun. She had a look in her eyes as it filled with tears. Not a big deal, I thought, now I will end you. I will shove my dick down your throat, and then force you to swallow. We drove in zigzags, avoiding major roads, and beautifully arrived at the woods; thats it. Calmly exited the car, and walked a little further. I pressed her face to a tree, and lifted up her skirt. I ripped off her panties and shoved my dick into her ass. What a dilemma, I fucked her for 10 minutes, and I could feel that she is about to come. So I immediately pulled out my dick and forced her to suck it. With one hand holding her hair, with the other, the gun. Suck it, bitch, suck it until the end. She kept moaning, and suddenly stopped crying. I came on her tongue, and she swallowed the sperm.

    Well, what now; the end. And before death; sex. Well, now, cunt, are you afraid? Or maybe not? Said I, and I pointed the gun to the top of her head, and took her life. Her eyeball came flying out, now this was fun. Later I cut off one of her fingers, purely for a laugh.

    Half of the city has already fucked her, and yet my lads are sitting in jail over her. I will send her finger to the jail, maybe it will lighten their mood. She heard the voice of death, and the bitch was still silent. I threw leaves over the body, and went on my way. Such an awesome ending to such a retarded story. Such a fucked up story.

    Only you and I, bro.
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    cigreting Space Nigga
    too much vodka last night?
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    All this over raping a ho? Seems a bit excessive, brat. Also live by the 9mm Makarov die by the 9mm Makarov. That is to say, if you're gonna be involved with shit, expect to get involved with shit.
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    wat u fink wariat
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    Wariat Black Hole
    nice poem.
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