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Understanding how Security Systems and Perimeter Protections can be exploited unless you get unlucky. LOL.

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    This will be a vast guide encompassing several different lines of thinking and the loophooles you can use to circumvent many current protections both of a geographical property space but also on a person. And The effects having so many safeguards causes in a beta popultion primed for the viking style rape Odin saw my peopple perfect before the first millanea.

    Rough Draft by Sir Bradley Borson the White of America.

    So when you have so many security systems, aight so it starts like this you have stored food in your cave, you leave to go get more cuz the geting is good, you say hi every family member i live with, and ur kids and ur wife and ur wife's mom who won't die already are all out ther pickin beries, ur watching for tigers, bears, there's TomTom and his family the Toms "Hey BraldeyB93 and his beautiful cambodian vietnamese wife, and his respectfully still living mother and children I will not look at further as I remain eye contact with only Sir Bradley as I am a respectful father and head of clan"

    "Hey Nigger, I see ur people all all here, where is ur old mother in law ho is till not dying?"

    "SHe is in cave, working on death, we are so happy, we wer already all going to leave her at cave to die alone, then you said many beeries had riped and i told everyone and we were even happier."

    "God Bless, Friend. Please stay away from my family and children."

    "No problem, BradleyB93. I respect you."

    and we have a good time, my tranny wife talks to his wife about some stupid shit and i hope she sold her some product becauuse he hasn't ben buying anyfrom me and is still high, i am woried about drug dealers selling drugs in my community to my people, I gather beries and think how delicious rice and beries will be when id o my prayers, yoga, and butt stuff to wife back in my cave

    Children play with other children, while they were suppose to work. Nothing weird or bad to speak of, as i watch my kids and TomTom watches TOms

    We go home, and my cave has been broken into, all of my drugs and lube is gone, oh and my biggest boofer is gone too, what the fuck. so I am very angry and looking around for someone to kill, and I see his not dead, not sick, very tweaked out, mother in law, talking to my mother in law and they are laughing, and very fast eating all of the beries they are supposed to be cleaning

    I am furious and not high, i tell tom tom and find him very very high now as his mother in law is giving away drugs to everyone

    my mother in law is using her and says i should get really high too they're almost out

    I am now bankrupt in a cambodian country with 8 children, 1 tranny, 2 tweaked out 120 year old old people, 1 of which talks shit about me in Laos but i only speak cambodian so my wife understands her but i don't and I know it's fuckin mean but i can't slap her again or i have to move out of her cave

    now i have no money, no drugs, my beautiful 7 children i somehow got from a tranny whose mother in law is a leach and my friend's 80 year old mother just stole 1400 US Dollars worth of speed and i only got to do like a half gram

    "Oh my god blatt-lee my love" *wife grabs my flacid penis through my robes with her hand and tugs *lightly* in case I am busy thinking*


    "our children are really high on the speed TomTom's mom gave them and I want them all insde, they're running somewhere, i have one of them you get the other six and i'll watch them.


    Cambodia, May 2023, The Beginning of FOraging Season Next on LOcked Up Abroad
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    Data African Astronaut
    Blink twice if you need more speed.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    dude i woork all day and look forward to coming heere and posting a couple threads and then i have to go back to bed, please be supportive
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    Data African Astronaut
    I'm stoned and falling asleep, I cannot support you breadlyp
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    u did by giving me some attention ngl
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