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I just want to work at 7-11

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    Ghost Black Hole
    That's about as much responsibility as I want to handle. It seems like a cozy job where I could be happy.
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    Data African Astronaut
    Some people are just born slaves
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    Ghost Black Hole
    you're right, im going back to sleep

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    You want to be the bossman, eh
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    stl1 Naturally Camouflaged
    More like the guy on the night shift.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I could probably do it. I knew the entire management staff at a 7-11 because I worked across the street from them for 4 years. My buddy was the supervisor of the night crew and did all the stock ordering and stuff.

    It looks like a really easy job, just order the shit, put it on the shelves and sell it. Mop the store, sell cigs and deal with drunks. He still works there doing night shift sev 10 years later.

    Originally posted by stl1 More like the guy on the night shift.

    yeah. I would visit my buddy working night shift when I was fucked up on meth because it was a small town and I knew he would be there doing nothing, bored. Sounds like a good way to get paid to me.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    I really wanna encourage you to get this job or apply for if you haven't. You seemed really excited and you deserve to have that fulfillment at being a success.

    You can steal candy bars and shit when you're stocking as well.

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    You got this player!
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