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    Ghost Black Hole
    i just wanted to play some normal fortress mode. There was a necromancer tower that kept raiding my forts so i said FUCK THIS and made a pangolin man plague doctor master swordsman to kill all the undead, i died so i kept making legendary pangolin men to attack the zombies. Eventually they had a squad of legendary undead pangolin men with missing limbs and I had to fight my fallen plurals to get to the boss.

    But when I killed the boss all it did was cause a power struggle in the necromancer faction and the strongest one took over, he was a martial arts master that was really buff with undead retard strength and killed me in one punch to the throat. He turned all the dead bodies into zombies even the ones with no head or legs.

    I had to send an entire seal team six death squad to the tower, literally because one of them was an elephant seal man

    but even that fucked up because they spawned on the roof. One guy broke his legs trying to climb down and bled out on the roof, then got revived as a zombie and attacked me while still in my party. The only one that made it alive getting down was the 500lb elephant seal man. he can blow up peoples heads with one punch.

    I punched everyone to death in the tower. I can punch horses to death in one punch and also im a master swimmer because i'm a god damn elephant seal

    I don't know what to do so I rounded up an entire village that was being attacked by a goblin army and brought them to the goblins. They couldn't cross the giant river though so I left them there while I went to punch the leader to death. I ended up getting lost in the goblin tower trench maze for a week, punched a few goblins and tortured them for info. Nobody knows shit. I followed a group of goblins to this massive underground fort.

    They were having a party and just vibing, lots of them. I couldn't find anyone that looked like a leader and I don't want to ruin my world by genociding the goblins so i'm gonna go punch everyone in the castle instead. Also I lost the group of people I was saving, I think they got kidnapped.

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    Antifa Member African Astronaut
    What a stupid game to actually play

    Learn a skill faggot
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Antifa Member What a stupid game to actually play

    Learn a skill faggot

    It took me several years just to learn how to play this game. I got into it when I was 16 years old and I still don't fully understand whats going on most of the time

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    Solstice African Astronaut
    That's definitely made by an autistic serial killer
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Solstice That's definitely made by an autistic serial killer

    he is possessed by a supernatural entity for sure.

    But Tarn wasn’t entirely happy. He’d had doubts about pursuing a career in math since the “pressure cooker” of his first year at Stanford, when he failed his qualifying exams (students get two chances; he passed the second time). Faced with the school’s highly competitive and professionalized environment, he came to regard himself as a “second-rate mathematician.” The issue wasn’t aptitude so much as passion. He wanted to do math but also to make video games, a juggling act he managed as an undergraduate. This had become impossible. “They wanted 60 hours a week from you, giving you problems that would take 20 hours to solve,” he said. He grew depressed and, in his only encounter with drugs, snorted meth.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I made an epic fort in the middle of a swamp and i'm being attacked by goblins. They are no match for my wood walls and microcline fortifications.

    On the bottom are my elite military units standing behind the defensive wall. The crossbowmen on the bottom right have taken the first shot.

    At the top the little lowercase "g" is the goblins and the "@" is their dwarven allies, they are a multi racial evil society.

    On the very top right the yellow guy is mine. He got bitten by a werebeast and is infected with a curse that caused him to transform into a brutal monster every full moon that kills anything is sees. I don't have it set up yet but what I want to do is make it so if i get raided and he transforms all i do is pull a lever to let him out and he attacks them all for me.

    You can also make him attack your own guys and bite them to infect them with the curse but it's risky because they usually just kill them

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    Antifa Member African Astronaut
    Looks gay like a bug i stepped on once
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    Antifa Member African Astronaut
    Where's the inside of your fortress i wanna see the shroom farms
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    Xlite Tuskegee Airman
    There's no way i'm learning to play that.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Antifa Member Where's the inside of your fortress i wanna see the shroom farms

    all my farms are outside but this is my residential area

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    Ghost Black Hole
    I sent my dwarfs to raid the necromancer tower. They came back with a bunch of valuable historical artifacts like this scroll containing a 5 chapter story about a pack of dingo's attacking some beak dogs, the common pet of goblins.

    How they managed to stretch that into 5 chapter is truly a testament to the skill of the author, Rith Wheelspires, who I believe was the martial arts master that murdered several of my Pangolin men.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    My dwarf have learned the secrets of life and death and have become immortal necromancers. The goblins wanted to steal the secrets, i got raided by 150 of them. They were no match for my wood walls and wooden spike trap pits.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    this is all randomly generated

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    Ghost Black Hole
    I have reached the maximum population that my computer can handle running. around 220 dorfs, the game is lagging really bad all the time.

    There was an incident yesterday that almost made me quit the game. One of the necromancers got too drunk and started fighting people, got his ass kicked so he used raise undead magic next to a stockpile of a few hundred dead animal bones near the butcher shop. My game was like a slideshow 1fps I thought it was gonna crash.

    The skeleton would attack the necromancer and he would punch them, causing chunks of bone to fly off and every time the necromancer took damage he would reanimate all those parts of bone, and they would instantly attack him, causing an infinite loop and lagging my game.

    I almost quit but eventually my military smashed all the bones to dust.

    Right after that happened I was declared the new capital of the Tin Gloves and the entire nobility of my civilization moved in and demanded I build them throne rooms and tombs.

    Originally posted by Ghost

    i'm just gonna wipe out the hate of craft fuck those goblins and then give up my fort to the AI. The lag is getting too bad i need a supercomputer to continue playing this fort.

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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    Wheres tge best site ro download it? Steam is taking its time to put an official game up
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Bill Krozby Wheres tge best site ro download it? Steam is taking its time to put an official game up

    Yeah you aren't the first person that has told me they are trying to play the steam version. There is no mouse support or anything, it's very hard to learn. Good luck if you can, it only took me 10 years and i still cant make my stockpiles work right.

    texture pack to make it not look like the matrix
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    Ghost Black Hole

    I don't even care what happens anymore. I have lost my patience with these fucks, I told my military to kill everyone in the tavern. All the necomancers freaked out and summoned 100 skeletons and crashed my game. So I had another idea

    There are only 3 sets of doors to access the tavern, highlighted in red. I dug a hole in the roof and then made a long tunnel to the river.

    as soon as my computer calculates all this fluid movement I can rebuild my military again. The purple guys refuse to fight and can't be killed but they also {BREATH] [OXYGEN] so fuck them

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    how you guys even get into this in the first place?

    i vaguely heared of tthis but this looks like some extra weird shit
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    Ghost Black Hole
    i got into it when i was a teenager i dont remember how
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