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The drone wars

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    The next generation of warfare will be dominated by drone technologies. Aside from standard aerial bombings and surveillance, what sort of drone technologies do you envision being employed in the battlefield of tomorrow?
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    reminder to post when my head doesn't feel like it's full of angry animals

    just a quick note though - if you're interested in the topic of drone warfare, look into how Turkey fought the recent Azeri-Armenian conflict. Low cost high integration
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    Nile Tuskegee Airman
    Turkish drone tech has been pretty impressive.

    Is russia not selling pantsirs or are those platforms ineffective or badly implemented?

    I wonder what sort of counters will be tried out. Wouldn't they be vulnerable to different strategies than just kinetic ones, if they have a command link it could be intercepted, duplicated or jammed no?
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    I imagine that deep in the 21st century, soldiers will be more like autonomous AI augmented drone swarm control nodes. You could even have drones swarm as a shield passively and take the hits that would have hurt your soldier. They will receive active reconnaissance they can personally direct and deploy, receiving direct video feeds. Augmented Reality based targeting system's where drones can accurately scout out downrange wind conditions etc. It will be like playing versus a hacker in an FPS.
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