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Burger King Canada has All Dressed Chicken Nuggets

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    In case you don't know what "All dressed" is, it's like the whole shebang chips in USA with every flavor. They are pretty yummy.

    All-dressed (assaisonnées in French) chips are a potato chip flavour popular in Canada. The flavour combines the potato chip flavours of barbecue, ketchup, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar.

    Now burger king has this
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    Sudo Naturally Camouflaged [my hereto riemannian peach]
    They also have zesty mordent dipping sauce. they used to he 20 for 1.99 and I got 60 or 80 with my friend and they asked what we wanted for dipping sauce and he said "give me Noah's arc" which obviously meant 2 of each which he didn't even haveto explain the woman understood right away like that was a perfectly normal way of requesting dipping sauces
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