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Murdering coffee

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    I ran out

    How long are these supposed to last? I feel like they used to last longer. I can't fucking buy this shit and make my own coffee, I have not had a proper sleep in the past few weeks and my coffee tolerance is so high, this shit is exactly like meth.

    Where you can do it every day but even a small amount fucks you up but you can chug an entire pot or snort a fat line of crushed up crystal METH and then go have a nap because lol tolerance.

    Drinking all that cream is bad too. When I buy one coffee every day I get a small amount of cream but drinking it all day long I am also chugging the cream, i guess i could drink it black like a G but i like cream coffee and its not good it feels worse than energy drinks drinking this much cream.

    Abusing caffeine doesn't seem as fun anymore. It's just putting my body through so much for no reason, I just abuse drugs on principle really but i am starting to not see the point any more when I am still tired a lot except for the mornings when I drink it to wake up.

    I just wanna feel like this 24/7 and i think jittering is sexy

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    i am making a pot right now
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    cool post my baristanigger from another roaster. i used to buy coffee as well, i had the weirdest of roasters man... one time there was this super high class roaster with some super tasty ethiopian beans that you could get a boner off it by watching a starbucks ad - jenkem style - potency. but the guy who roasted it was so fucking hard to get with despite him being so popular, u needed to like sign a contract for like 500kg and the big guys always sell it themselves and dont sell it onto the middle men. anyone once i found a middle man who wanted to sell some of his beans, so i scrounged up the money and went to the dropoff site. It was this like big storage locker for a clothing store with all these mannequins still dressed up. i think the store was targeted at niggers cos there were lots of clothes from the hood. anyways, i digress. i dropped the cash off in a fanny pack in one of the mannequins just as i walked over to pick it up from another mannequin wearing another type of clothing i heard a voice shout out "i put it in the gangster lookin like nigger, his hooded jumper and chinos are yours to take home as well". i was scared so i spun around wondering who it was, and then finally i realised that it was the man who put it in my hood.
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    i dont get it
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    Will have to try, I drink coffee at the rate I use to snort coke. I do however feel like a fat spliff to accompany said coffee.
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    oh yeah thats a great combo i abuse nicotine weed and caffeiene all day every day.
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