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Poland makes it illegal to blame them for the holocaust

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    Fucking cowards. The holocaust didn't even happen, suck some more kike cock Poland.

    Nobody was killed at those camps but you ack like they were and they it wasn't you. Imagine if Poland told Israel to fuck off and said WHAT OVENS?

    and then teamed up with Iran. But they never would because Poland is a bunch of bitch ass puppets controlled by the hook noses and immigrants and women.

    Imagine losing a war and still having to pay for it 50 years later by a random ethnic minority you were "ordered to kill"

    LONDON and MOSCOW – An unusual libel case in Poland pertaining to the Holocaust has the potential to affect both the future of academic research as well as how the country comes to grips with its treatment of jedis during WWII, advocates say.

    The case is the first of its kind brought to the Polish courts since a controversial 2018 law from the nationalist government made it a civil offense to make false accusations about Poland's history in the Holocaust.

    jedi organizations and historians have warned that the outcome, expected on Feb. 9, could be far-reaching – affecting the fate of Holocaust research in the country, and poses an “enormous threat to freedom of speech.”

    This is not the first time the role of Poland in the Holocaust has been called into question in recent years. A diplomatic spat ensued with Israel over the passing of the controversial law of 2018, which initially made it a criminal offense to make false accusations about Poland's history in the Holocaust. The law was later amended to make this only a civil offense.
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