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Game streaming, might not be all bad.

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    While having a physical copy will always br superior, game streaming could have a place in the gaming world.

    Game performance, graphics, depth, AI etc are all limited by the console hardware.
    With streaming Sony could have a farm of supercomputers pumping out the most advanced gaming experiences that would be impossible on a console.
    Perfect performance, no aliasing, high resolution and frame rate, hyper advanced A.I. etc ...

    And you could do it all on an ipad or on your tv with a tiny roku-like device.

    I'm starting to think maybe streaming won't be so bad.
    Either way gaming as it has existed since the 70s is being phased out for VR.
    The 9th generation will be the last where screen based console experiences dominate.
    Come 10th gen it'll be AR and VR, 2D gaming will be a second thought.
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    Game streaming is shit, it trades on a fundamental quantity (responsiveness, and by extension game feel) for an ephemeral one (graphics... maybe). Nothing competitive will ever be streamable. Nothing that’s even moderately challenging will be streamable. Which is to say nothing of the fundamental issues with ownership inherent in streaming
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    VR isn't going to replace flat screens, ever.
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