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I feel good for all those asian places on my street

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    Ever since the pandemic I have been going into these small asian restaraunts that I used to avoid because I didn't want to seem like some degenerate MOON PERSON killing the restaraunt industry by only ordering pickup but now you can only order pickup so I go in there and feel a lot better about myself.

    I'm sure they are making less money but overall this entire pandemic has been great for me. I have completely stopped going outside and my mental health benefits greatly from social distancing and capacity limits in stores.

    Now I don't feel like some awkward loser when I go to pick up my sushi from the hip japanese cafe with all the cool asians smoking outside. I am just there to get my food and support local business like everyone else :) smile

    Originally posted by Ghost I never see anyone in there, it's always empty but there are always Uber eats couriers. We order from them over an app and just pick it up but I feel bad

    In the future restaurants wont exist it will just be kitchens making things for delivery, probably by robots
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    leave them bad reviews on google and yelp.
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    i would never consider doing such a thing as I am a local certified google guide with thousands of views on my local reviews.

    I recently blasted the local subway for ripping me off on a coupon deal and having a store layout that makes it impossible to follow covid guidelines. Never ordering from that store ever again! 1 star.

    I'm a pretty tolerant and forgiving person, I gave 4 stars to a popeyes that forgot I was there and locked me inside. they gave me all the chicken leftover at the end of the day
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    you what?

    What you're supposed to do is search for nearby indian places wherever you go and leave them bad reviews across all platforms.
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    I give every place that deserves it a good review. I should be a professional food reviewer like that lady that did the olive garden. I am kinda like that, I review takeout joints as if they were a fancy high class restaurant and I talk about the texture of the food and stuff.

    you don't really see stuff like that, I think it's important info to know like if there are two Subways I can tell people avoid the one near the mall, it's garbage and there are much better sub shops that are close.

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    Number13 African Astronaut [dispute my snotty-nosed seagull]
    How to order take out rub and tug?
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