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What happened to Futureman2030?

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    Fuys it's been almost a month since Futureman2030 posted last, what's the deal?

    I think he might work for the government or something.

    Originally posted by FutureMan2030 Happy New Years Candy
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    He's now dating camsy IRL and yeah I think he does work for the gubmint
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    Is FutureMan the strange German man that Candy forces to pose to make gifs for NIS?
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    Zukunft Mann
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    Originally posted by rabbitweed Is FutureMan the strange German man that Candy forces to pose to make gifs for NIS?

    yeah he is also a potential serial killer or government agent. I dunno I get some real occult vibes from that gont, anyone else? Just look at his post history

    Originally posted by FutureMan2030 Starr is awesome. I am her number one fan.
    Originally posted by FutureMan2030 Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you by popping up out of nowhere.

    Originally posted by FutureMan2030 And Candy if I am you I thought of an idea. We could be you together. Would that be fun?

    what the fuck?
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    He's a concept/ not even real.
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    candy made him kill himself xDDDDD
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    he's from the future, I've actually have never seen his post until you guys posted his post
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    yeah its a huge conspiracy man the powers are trying to hide the truth about future man 2030
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    larrylegend8383 Naturally Camouflaged
    Crying about Futureman2030 and the nigga ain't even here
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    This isn't crying this is a conspiracy thread where we try to understand whats going on with this guy, get with the program larry this is a topical thread in the topical conspiracy forum.
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