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Conor Mcgregor just got knocked out

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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    I kinda saw this coming
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    frala Avant garde shartist
    That Cajun was out for blood.
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    DontTellEm Black Hole
    Lol. Broke that leg out from under him. RIP "legend"
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    livingelegy African Astronaut [my polyoicous forward graciousness]
    Has he ever won an evenly matched fight?
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    Originally posted by livingelegy Has he ever won an evenly matched fight?

    If it was evenly matched then it would be a draw
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    larrylegend8383 Naturally Camouflaged
    I think Conor McGregor is more interesting right now than any other point in his career. After being on top this is definitely the low point. I'm interested to see at 32 if he can comeback and get back into the title picture.
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