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Deleted posts for: i­nfinityshock lovingly allowed lard-ass lanney the luxury of lapping the loins-leviathan while the little lad larps as a laotian ladyboy lapdancer---.1011101--0-1--1--00.-111.01011-----0..-.1.1-0-.1010-11--01-001-----1.-.1--0----.-01---010110-0-(b­anned)

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    im luke skywalker and i support this message

    he has about a dozen other pathetic attempts to keep me from posting.

    like banning an IP is going to keep me for using a different one.

    last month he tried another of his pathetic attempts and fucked up the registration where no one could register, causing a defacto registration closure.

    his latest pathetic-er attempt is a script he has to ban certain user names.

    looks like a resounding success.
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    wipe them out.

    all of them.
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    because niggers
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    he has a 100-million strong army that is well armed
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    Originally posted by Zanick i'm back visiting! but omg where is candy?

    i have puppies and all the candy you can eat in the back of my van. come see.
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    Originally posted by Fonaplats Had to go tell my landlord off over it.
    I called and complained to the landlord about it on Monday and that fat bitch said my neighbors pointed to me.
    But a couple of my neighbors also had noise violations.
    I asked fat bitch how the fuck she thinks it my apartment and she said "i cant prove it wasnt" and I told her "you can prove it was".
    But of course this isnt a courtroom of law and order.
    It is all twisted jedi landlord bullshit.
    Fuck off

    thats what you get for living around niggers
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    Originally posted by Bugz How bad does things have to be that If I traveled to Europe and someone came up to me and laughing with friends laughing behind him and said "Hey, Are you an American by chance" I would shake my head "Nope" I'm uhh Canadian, Eh.

    Because right now there is no pride in being an American anymore. Not that there is in Being a fucking Canadian but America is just a memory. No one young today is American or Cool as we were decades back. You're all a bunch of weiner sucks

    you may suck my White american cock you sniveling nigger

    heil trump
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    Originally posted by Donald Trump

    I'm going to be wearing my skintight latex cat suit. It's going to be a vision for the whole world when I come down that zip line and slap the cuffs on Sleepy Joe. #MAGA

    make sure its the crotchless version
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    Originally posted by Lanny i have an unquenchable thirst for nigger nutsack nectar

    so does your mother
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