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What's the deal with this Keenan guy I'm always hearing about?

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    livingelegy victim of incest [my polyoicous forward graciousness]
    He must be devilishly handsome and cuttingly witty because I'm always being compared to him.
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    opie is a karen
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    livingelegy victim of incest [my polyoicous forward graciousness]
    Originally posted by Bill Krozby opie is a karen

    Boys can't be karens Bill Krozby, you silly goose
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    Bugz Space Nigga
    I think the Man version of a Karen is a Carroll (like Carroll O'Connor)
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    WellHung Black Hole
    it's lame terminology from a huge douchebag
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    Its a reference to a Nickelodeon show called kenan and kel
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    Bugz Space Nigga
    Key and Peele?
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    Originally posted by WellHung I wish my chin didn't look like a scrotum
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    Sudo Naturally Camouflaged [my hereto riemannian peach]
    It's a sweet meme for hawt teenz that I created. Everytime someone says Keenan I make 10 cents I donate to a charity for down syndrome affected Mexican boys called "Downs with the Spicness" so whenever you use it you're really helping underprivileged children so KEEN AWAY
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    DontTellEm Dark Matter
    Lol 😂
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