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when is the last time

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    Wariat Black Hole
    it actually snowed in Texas?
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    Originally posted by Wariat it actually snowed in Texas?

    Last night.

    "Winter storm moves into the Mississippi Valley after dumping snow in Texas"
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    Kev African Astronaut
    It snows at least once every year somewhere in texas, you are better off asking when it last snowed in phoenix.
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    In my (coming up on 24yrs) time in Central/south Texas I've seen it snow maybe ummm 4 or 5 times...maybe 2 of those significant (in that it stayed on the ground for more than 1hr). Of course the Panhandle gets it every year.
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    Wariat Black Hole
    what about austin. When is the last time before lately it has snowed there?
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    Kev African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Wariat what about austin. When is the last time before lately it has snowed there?

    I had a friend from austin and i think it snowed there in 2011 or so, cant remember.
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    Wariat Black Hole
    so its been roughly just 9 yrs Bill Krozby was making a big deal about?
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    Wariat Black Hole
    He made it sound like it was a monumental event and hasn't happened for 100 yrs.
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    livingelegy victim of incest [my polyoicous forward graciousness]
    Dunno. There's this episode of King of the Hill where Bill gets a snow machine and a Santa outfit so he can bang mommies who bring their kids over to see Santa. At first when Bobby sees the fake snow and starts playing in it Peggy mistakes the snow for the white stuff they spray on airplane runways before a crash, she yells at him to get in the house, it was pretty funny. So anyways Bill scores for a while but he screws it up by continuing the Santa act into late January and creeps everyone out.
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    We had our annual 3 days of cold weather this week. It's over with now though for another year.
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