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How to buy things online with my own 100% real credit card without orders cancelling?

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    This use to happen in the past with ordering electronics on costco and target but calling in usually solved the problem.

    Now and won't canceled my orders both for "unusual activity" these were all automatically canceled by a bot as soon as the order went through.

    The billing and shipping addresses differ by one number because I was going to ship it next door so my roommate doesn't see what I ordered.
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    Thank you, come again.
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    SBTlauien African Astronaut
    Good luck. They shoot down my orders all the time. Amazingly, Paypal works though.
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    Originally posted by SBTlauien Good luck. They shoot down my orders all the time. Amazingly, Paypal works though.

    tried paypal but forgot the card was on my other account and they instantly shut down my paypal and want proof that its my card.
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    SBTlauien African Astronaut
    I've used many prepaid Visa cards on my Paypal without any issues. I'm verified.

    My fried used a registered prepaid Visa gift card(like Vanilla Visa) on his unregistered Paypal account to buy a e-gift card from Paypal(since Paypal now sells e-gift cards) and he had no problems.

    I looked into this a little bit last night and realized that they can easily find out if it's a prepaid gift card. They may have issues determining that if it's an American Express gift card, but I'm not sure yet.

    You need to use your real CC to buy gift cards and then use those online. All of my Amazon gift cards work fine unless I'm using a service like to buy BTC, in which case Amazon usually finds out at some point and locks the account. Walmart also zero'd out three $200 gift cards of mine for using them to try and buy other gift cards.

    It's a tricky game but there are some loop-holes out there. (;
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    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal

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