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How to stay healthy in your car from virus

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    The first thing you do is run your car with an internal air flow through the cars enhancement and not open to outside "fresh air". nothing fresh about the road and road dust full of some of the worst bacteria and virus and chemical grime.

    so the first thing you do is shut all of your airvents and turn your heater as high as its settings can go and go through all of the presets of windshield, forwards, floor, and back of car. for 2 minutes each. it's 7 minutes or so of time consuming but you want to sterilize your air vents. then turn your vent to cool and forward and enhancements through car. wear a mask all the time, not just during covid. every day you drive you should have a mask from anything coming out of that vent. and run it ac cold. if someone asks you to turn on the heater be forward and tell them it's unhealthy to run heat through a car, and carry a blanket for your guest and hand it to them.

    cold air (just like a hospital) will not kill bacteria or virus but keep them at bay. dress warm and deal with it. it keeps you from getting infected.

    if you disagree with this, then you're a faggot who think's he knows it all.
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    Sounds cozy!
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    i have been cold this whole time, no covid.
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    hotbox your car with some white owl blunts before the global elites take them away and set off a bug bomb at the same time. also put a hose you can pee into so you dont have to stop. and be a nasa astronaut and wear a diaper like a poopy head
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