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Biden is 'considering cyber attacks' (WW3)on Russian infrastructure in retaliation for 'Pearl Harbor of hacks' that breached 200 US federal agencies

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    Kuntzschutz African Astronaut
    world war 3 is coming, and those of you that allow yourselves to get penetrated like a bitch/willingly take the vaccine will get water and rations, whilst everyone else will probably die. well not everyone, just millions as predicted by DHS when we're hit with a high altitude EMP for fucking with the Russians since the US military is mostly low iq brown people and trannies these days

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    Ghost Black Hole
    what a war hawk retard literally bush 2.0
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    Nil African Astronaut [the overexcited four-footed chanar]
    yea. needed to kill 3k and blow up a building for afghan/iraq, to get ww3 the sacrifice had to be greater. in blood or psyche.

    im goining north fufvck all the madmen, slaves and craven fools.
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    I'm definitely not taking the vaccine but unfortunately people I love and care about want to be first in line. Last time I got a vaccine was in jail and they forced me to take it and I broke out in radical hives on my left arm that left scars.
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    larrylegend8383 Naturally Camouflaged
    goddamn pussies
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