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Lady dies five days after being released from jail.

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    HampTheToker African Astronaut

    Gwendolyn Bates Taylor, 57, of Murfreesboro, was being held on a domestic assault when she suffered from an apparent medical condition, said Public Information Officer Lisa Marchesoni.

    The audio at the bottom of the link from August is a little damming. Said jail is under heavy scrutiny. The former sherrif was detained something like a month ago over corruption charges linked to the sell of JailCigs to his inmates as well as others in different counties. The sherrif was a co-owner of the business along with his uncle and his second in command which have also been charged. Icing on the cake, he's in custody in Leitchfield, Kentucky because his bond was revoked due to a domestic incident with his wife which is all kindsa juicy.

    This whole thing has been bombshell after bombshell. The jail recently lost it's certification as well, which in itself was leading to more lawsuits in addition to cases like this that were already pending.
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    Maybe she shouldn't go to jail then.
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