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Poll: Were you Molested as a child?

Were you sexually/physically abused as a child? Let's talk about it in detail here.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Hi everybody I was moleested by a 15 year old boy but really all he did was grab my weiner and ask me to grab his and it caused me to become a homosexual. Maybe. I think I might've ended up like this either way. I also had sex with my psychologist in the retard center and thought I loved him a lot and then I Found out his husband was active duty military personal and he wanted nothing to do with me outside of the center :(

    I never thought about moleesting or raping anyone. I thought i was stupposed to as a child hood sex abuse survivor, but i nevere really got those urges lik I doo to creampie dumb women and immasculate femeinine men.

    I do know everyone on this site has beeen molested (i checked)). I know it and you know it and its time we talked about it as a family

    Or are you the molester? Feeel free to describe what that's been like I guess. Bonus points if you incriminate yourself repeatedly.

    God Bless!
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I felt like I was molested eveen thoough I was 23 when the psychologist and I were having sex. I felt like I coulnd't say no becausee I was small, at the time I loved him but now I see it was litrally only me telling him about me. YOu can see how I would each that shit up, well suddenely I felt like I had beeen hoodwinkeed when i realized I didn't even know he was married or ever had been marrieed.

    Looking back I can't really rmembr if I ever asked him about himself, I had to of. but now im unsure. THey were trying a lot of different drugs on me at the time and it was kinda shitty.
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    STER0S Space Nigga [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    can you get more detailed about the retard center incident
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    Bradley Black Hole
    why are you already jackin off bro
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    STER0S Space Nigga [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    it sounds like a tale of epic proportions
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    Zanick #2 Houston [my concurrently tip-tilted dermestidae]
    I have been abused extensively by my immediate family, all of whom are dangerous narcissists. The consequences have defined me at least in broadly differing modes of cognition and a generally poor sense of self.

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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    "It's not gay unless you cum."
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    livingelegy motherfucker [my polyoicous forward graciousness]
    I was both molested and molested others as a child
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I considered raping another man, but it was not because I had some weird sexual fetish but more so because I wanted to immasculate him. We're not friends and he's not gay, I just know him on Facebook. I don't think I would be able to maintain an erection while fighting and restraining another man.

    Think I'm gonna stop watching porn too here in a little bit when Yule comes.

    Maybe I drink cuz I'm a fag, but im Out in my lifestyle so it's not like I'm repressing anything.

    I wonder what I'd be like if I didn't get touched, would I still be a flaming homosexual queer? Would I have a family, nice job and not be posting here?

    The world may never know. Lately I've gotten into WMAF porn after a bonsai page I follow on FB got hacked, never thought I'd really want to fuck some dumb asian slut (Since i've only seen two or three in my whole life in person) but now I kinda do.

    I wish I had a pontoon boat.
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    Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    every post above this is a lie for attention
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Wow! Right in my childhoood molstation
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    If you touch another man's penis, you can't wash that off.
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    unfortunately I know bradleyb pretty well from conversing over the years with him...and ya..i don't think any of this is a lie..its just bradleyb man..hes..well..bradleyb
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    Originally posted by -SpectraL If you touch another man's penis, you can't wash that off.

    You know that from experience.
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    Solstice Space Nigga
    My grandpa raped me when i was 6 but it was my fault because I initiated it
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    Originally posted by -SpectraL If you touch another man's penis, you can't wash that off.

    its another mans seamen inside your rectum that cant be washed off,
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    Sudo Black Hole [my hereto riemannian peach]
    I was ritualistically abused by 3 girls over the course of a few days which caused me to involuntarily evacuate my bowels at one point, then the abuse continued after I was cleaned up. One of them is an influential multi millionaire now. I have equated sex with violence ever since. A fat jedi showed me his cock too but didnt touch me when I was probably 8 or 9.

    As you can all tell I am perfectly normal and well balanced
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    -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    When I was in grade school, we had actual penis checks. They would do them during phys ed, when the all the kids would use the school's swimming pool for swimming exercises. The teacher would stand just outside the boys changing room, and when we came out, we had to line up, and then she would pull each boy's swimming trunks open and look down inside and examine each boy's penis for telltale signs of whatever she was looking for. She would also advise each boy who had their penis folded over to please straighten it, as, she said, a folded penis can accumulate germs and disease. It was quite bizarre, and it really happened.
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    Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    i have abuse proxies trained for both the abuser & abused roles so that i can keep my karma relatively open when i sit around pretending to meditate

    never tried it, though, abuse or meditation
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    Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    i used to see spectral’s gym teacher casually as part of an organization we had in common & he told me speccy was a mean baby slut who put out just for the ayy
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