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Soon, more taboo words

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    Bueno motherfucker
    Looks like we will be getting some more random taboo words soon.
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    What you talkin' bout Willis?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    you sound like the developers of a video game I play always teasing like a horny slut
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    STER0S African Astronaut [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    i sharted earlier.
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    Bueno motherfucker
    I submitted a pull request, added an feature to pull random words from a different website instead of using the hardcoded words list.
    The words I saw were pretty good too.
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    Don't change cock nose.
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    Bugz African Astronaut
    taboo is code for staple. taboo your ass to the table
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