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Bring Back the Trading Pit for BradleyB

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    Bradley Houston
    I got so much shit I wanna seell yall, potions, piss, dirty panties, fishing supplies autographed cock shots of your boy, tons of shit.

    I fucked this fat mexican girl and shee said she's never seen a gringo move so much chorizo. Kinda worried if one of them gets pregnant I'll have to stop being gay for awhile. I have a broken e keey and a new keyboard I like the cum n crumb crusted one I've had since the trading pit days

    Big shout out to Lanny for reintroducing the Trading Pit.
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    I'd like to purchase a packet of Little Caesar's pizza spice and a hair tie.
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    Bradley Houston
    That was a cock ring and parmasan nigger
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    Bradley Houston
    i remeember when gollum mailed me a picture of me having sex with him and 4$. I showed my girlfriend at the time the photo but did not tell her about the 4 dollars, she was not impressed. I told her all mexicans love me.

    Did kipohippo/gollum become a fat tranny yet? THat's gonna happen, I studied ChrisChan
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    Ghost Black Hole
    just do it in PM's and use code words in half baked

    the police read this website
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    Bradley Houston
    i dont sell illegal stuff
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Well if you are proposing a regular thread or threads related to the barter or exchange of goods those could probably just go in MONEY MONEY MONEY because as the description says;

    "anything to do with the green stuff that makes the world go around."

    There aren't really enough people here for the tropical forums to be of any real importance except to the few people that post there. Most people just dump everything in sg or whatever.

    I have personally engaged in a fair amount of commerce through and frequently advertise my goods and services in MONEY MONEY MONEY.
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    STER0S African Astronaut [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    can i have that picture of you corn-holing gollum
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    Originally posted by Bradley i dont sell illegal stuff

    why would we want to buy it then
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    Originally posted by Bradley That was a cock ring and parmasan nigger

    No shit I use them both to jack off to this day. I'm saying I want a refill.
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    Bradley Houston
    Originally posted by STER0S can i have that picture of you corn-holing gollum

    It was lost unfortunately during my first prison bid.

    @alrda, cuz it feeels good man

    @mmQs we now have upgraded to hot pepper flakes and a large, drieed up sharpie you that comes pre shit smelling at no additional price
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    Bugz African Astronaut
    I'm sorry. there will be no trading during covid19

    please come back in the fall of 2021
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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Im giving away ten dollars to the next 5 people who send me 20 dollars.
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