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Chinese electricity

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    a company knocked on my door trying to sell me cheaper electricity rates. Pretty sure that stuff has to be the same price by law so i looked into the company further and found they are actually headquartered in China but have offices in my state.

    Cheap chinese electricity? is this legal? I didn't know about this global energy scam

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    Bugz Space Nigga
    You get credited back for your own electricity by selling it to the power company.

    In california, there is I believe a 50 dollar (or 40) monthly fee. there is a term for it but if you're not using the house and it's between repairs or to be torn down, and you have it switched off, there is a minimum monthly fee regardless. but the Solar powers can charge less. so I dont think it's mandated power charges of a set price. that would go against the breaking up of monopoly laws.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    yeah they run the power lines under the ocean its a huge conspiracy
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