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Describe your last DPH experience

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    livingelegy African Astronaut [my polyoicous forward graciousness]
    Anxiety and racing thoughts. Brain full of static, returned to primal conscience. Moving on instinct out of sheet habit. Browsed 4chan on my phone for 5 minutes, realized I couldn't actually be browsing the boards because I was in a gulch where it's impossible to get a cell signal. Kept seeing 4chan but i knew it wasn't real, put my phone down. Looked for the spiders everyone talks about, didn't see any. Why don't I ever see the monsters I've read about in trip reports? Am I retarded? Met my mother and her john after they surprised me and came down the gulch. He brought a duck in a cage to the river that runs through the gulch. I was deathly afraid to speak, I physically couldn't talk in anything more coherent than a mumble. watched the duck swim away and wondered if anything I was seeing was real. Wondered why they were showing me this duck. Do they think I'm a tard? Am I a tard? I know nobody wants me around here not even my mother but where can I go? I'm scared. Scared. Lost consciencesness but was still awake. They left, having conversed with one another in speech I couldn't understand.

    Do I need to take more to see the monsters? I take around 700 mg each time.
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    trippymindfuk African Astronaut
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    Kev African Astronaut
    my last DPH experience? i was pointing a loaded gun at my door because i thought niggers or cops would come busting it down any minute.
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    Whats dph, is it like dpms? I never had one, but I did buy a bushmaster complete upper once. It did not come with an appropriate fsb for it being a flat top upper, and I had to replace the post in the fsb because of this.
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    Kev African Astronaut
    Its that benadryl shit, hikki recommended it, no idea why i actually listened.
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