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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Hey guys.
    Hope everyone is having a great day.
    It has been raining all day here.

    Last night I stayed up until 2am playing vidya games and eating all my peppermints.
    Now I am out of peppermints.

    I woke up at 10am and we went to the per store and bought cat food.
    Then we hit up Kroger where Chell bought the groceries.
    Once home there was a box of cat food at our door that Chell ordered so now we have lots of it.

    I thinks we are going to go run around and hit up another per store cuz I got to return her battery powered retard mouse that just spazzed out and acts like it has rabbies.
    Going to try to get her another feather on a stick cuz that is her favorite.

    My doggy is doing a little better.
    His nose isnt so hot and he ate a couple bites of food.
    I'll stop by and see him later today too.

    I feel like I kinda got fucked but its my fault I only have 11 hours of today to do stuff and now I am down to 6 and a half hours left.

    We are having a Thanksgiving party at work and I am suppose to bring a dish or some shit but I dunno how to cook that kind of stuff.
    Imma look like a dope walking in with a box of doughnuts or a can of yams.
    Might any of you have any suggestions on anything I could easily make/buy made to take?

    Anyways, how are all of you today?
    Anyone got anything fun they are up to?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    It's freezing rain here.

    I went to get coffee and there was this lady with two giant balls of tin foil wrapped around her feet, she was pushing a walker and covered in garbage bags as a makeshift poncho. She was wailing and crying because a car drove by really fast and she got hit with a splash from the puddle.

    She started screaming like "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE PIECE OF SHIT yOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!!" and yelling at people (including me walking by) "ARE YOU WARM?! I HAVE NO FUCKING SHOES!" in between her loudly sobbing.

    It was the most sad thing i've ever seen. I don't know where she was going wearing tin foil wrapped around her feet but it must have been important.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    For the potluck either bring nuts and bolts or calzones or something idk

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    Bugz Space Nigga
    Warm outside. a bit hazy. but 68 degrees (warm for Novemeber in this area of the bay-we have micro climates.. For city of Oakland this is just normal year round)

    We will have the warmest day on Thanksgiving (is believed) but it might rain later tonight and tomorrow and maybe tuesday but just drizzles off an on and warm.

    I might go walk in Berkeley today but the homeless are becoming more aggressive in walking up to you without masks and sometimes coughing and I have never put my hand up to signal 'get away please' until these past months.

    for the first time I feel no guilt in telling homeless people or druggies I don't want you near me. and im about to do it in stores too when some people are pushing right up into me (usually old asian people) because I found out some of these innocent looking older people are scammers, trying to scan your wallet's credit cards and chips with a special wand for CC numbers.

    I thought "Oh in China they do this because it's so fucking crowded" but some asian student at cal said No, he's probably scanning your wallet for credit card info. and I said He was asian, no offense but I thought maybe its because its crowded in whatever asian country he was from and she didn't even take offense to it and understood that the dude was scanning me and if he did that in Asia where it's crowded he would probably get the person in front of him yelling hard up in his face.

    so don't feel bad for anyone outside the country because "oh it's culture" often its not.

    js.. this goes with weirdo Europeans like polish or russians
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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Went to Kohls and got a coat and shoes for $40 each. The shoes usually cost $60 and I know this cuz it is the 3rd pair I have bought.
    The coat is pretty nice. I would describe it as a medium weight and it fits very nice.

    Got Zoey a new cat toy (feather on stick) and she loves it. Comes with 3 interchangeable things for her to chase.
    Bought to take a shower and relax.
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