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    Jesus is king African Astronaut
    The new apple processor has been unveiled!
    I just realized this, despite being a week late.
    It sounds exciting.
    Also I noticed the mac mini is now $100 cheaper.
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    Jesus is king African Astronaut
    Inb4 the homosexual crackhead comes in and whines about consumerism, despite being the biggest npc on nis.
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    livingelegy African Astronaut
    I'm a brainless consumerist sheep I buy apple products and discuss apple on web forums using my apple products and then I buy a new apple product to replace the one that apple released last year but are now intentionally slowing it down to encourage me to buy a new apple product
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    Lanny motherfucker
    The one benchmark I looked at seemed pretty good. Still kinda skeptical about ARM though.
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    Should I get a mac mini or wait for the imacs with apple silicon?
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    What are the specs?
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