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Republicans Starting To Turn On Rump

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    Republican Sen. Alexander says Trump administration should give Biden's team materials for smooth transition

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Retiring Republican Senator Lamar Alexander on Friday said that the Trump administration should provide President-elect Joe Biden's team with all materials, resources and meetings necessary for a smooth transition.

    "If there is any chance whatsoever that Joe Biden will be the next president, and it looks like he has a very good chance, the Trump Administration should provide the Biden team with all transition materials, resources, and meetings necessary to ensure a smooth transition so that both sides are ready on day one," Alexander said in a statement posted on Twitter.

    (Reporting by Doina Chiacu and Daphne Psaledakis; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)
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    The Washington Post
    Romney blasts ‘undemocratic’ Trump for pressuring Republicans to overturn election results
    Timothy Bella

    Republican Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) late on Thursday denounced President Trump’s attempt to pressure Republican officials to reverse the results of the election, describing it as among the most “undemocratic” actions ever taken by a sitting president.

    “Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election,” the senator from Utah and frequent Trump critic said in a statement posted to Twitter. “It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American President.”

    Romney joined Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) as the only two GOP senators on Thursday to publicly oppose the president’s actions, as Trump and his campaign continue lobbing baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud in Michigan and other states in hope of remaining in power.

    Their rebukes came at the end of an extraordinary day in which the president’s attorneys claimed without evidence that voter fraud took place in cities run by Democratic leaders — areas that largely favored President-elect Joe Biden. They pushed a conspiracy theory linking Venezuela to a plot to rig the election.

    In addition to the unsubstantiated claims, the president has also invited the leaders of Michigan’s Republican-controlled state Senate and House to meet him Friday at the White House. Ahead of Monday’s state canvassing board meeting to certify results in Michigan, Biden is the projected winner and leads Trump by about 157,000 votes.

    At a time when nearly all Congressional Republicans have either supported the president or declined to reject his unfounded allegations of voter fraud, Romney’s 57-word statement was the strongest GOP reprimand to date of Trump’s post-election efforts to stay in power.
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    The Washington Post
    Tucker Carlson bashes Trump attorney Sidney Powell for lack of evidence in fraud claims: ‘She never sent us any’
    Tim Elfrink

    As Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted on Thursday night, he’s more than willing to give airtime to outlandish claims. “We literally do UFO segments,” he said.

    But even Carlson said he was fed up with the total lack of evidence produced by Sidney Powell, one of the Trump campaign’s attorneys, for her unfounded allegation that electronic voting systems had switched millions of ballots to favor President-elect Joe Biden.

    “We invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour,” Carlson said. “But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of requests, polite requests. Not a page. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her.”

    Carlson also noted: “She never demonstrated that a single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another. Not one.”
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    Another Republican senator has congratulated Biden on winning the 2020 election, saying Trump 'exhausted all plausible legal options' (Michelle Mark)

    Republican Sen. Pat Toomey congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his victory just hours after a federal judge tossed a major Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to challenge the election results.

    Toomey said in a statement that President Donald Trump "exhausted all plausible legal options" for winning the state's 20 electoral votes.

    Toomey also accused Trump of attempting "to thwart the will of Michigan voters and select an illegitimate slate of electoral college electors."

    "I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory," Toomey said. "They are both dedicated public servants and I will be praying for them and for our country."
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    CBS News
    GOP starting to tell Trump it's over: "Stop golfing and concede"
    Kathryn Watson

    A small, but growing, number of Republicans have a message for President Trump: The election is over and he lost. Now it's time to move on.

    The message became louder over the weekend, after a far-fetched press conference by Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis on unfounded mass election fraud, which Trump ally and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie called a "national embarrassment."

    "I have been a supporter of the president's. I voted for him twice," Christie said Sunday on ABC's "This Week." "But elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn't happen."

    On Saturday, the Trump campaign suffered a big loss as a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit trying to invalidate millions of votes in that state as full of "strained legal arguments" that were "unsupported by evidence."

    Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a popular Republican in a fiercely Democratic state, told the president Sunday to "stop golfing and concede," after Mr. Trump called him a "RINO," or Republican in name only. Hogan and his wife secured critical testing equipment on their own when the federal government failed to come through. Hogan recognized Biden's victory on November 7, the day major networks including CBS News called the race for the president-elect.

    "If you had done your job, America's governors wouldn't have been forced to fend for themselves to find tests in the middle of a pandemic, as we successfully did in Maryland," Hogan quote-tweeted the president. "Stop golfing and concede."

    Mr. Trump, who has only had a handful of public events since the election, was at his Virginia golf club when Hogan tweeted.

    Republican Fred Upton, a congressman from Michigan, also expressed that the election is over for the president, at least in Michigan, as the president's team presents baseless accusations of mass fraud. Upton said there is no such evidence, and the Trump campaign has been unable to present such evidence in court.

    "You know, the voters spoke. And here again in Michigan, it's not a razor-thin margin, it's 154,000 votes," he said Sunday on CNN. "154,000 votes is too many to overcome. It's over."

    On Saturday, Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania issued a statement congratulating Mr. Biden and Harris after the dismissal of the Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

    "With today's decision by Judge Matthew Brann, a longtime conservative Republican whom I know to be a fair and unbiased jurist, to dismiss the Trump campaign's lawsuit, President Trump has exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the result of the presidential race in Pennsylvania," Toomey wrote. "I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory. They are both dedicated public servants and I will be praying for them and our country."

    That number of Republicans publicly conceding Mr. Trump lost, if not urging him to concede, is only likely to grow as states certify their election results. Electors will meet to certify the election results on December 14th, at which point it will be challenging for influential Republicans to insist the election is undecided.

    A number of Senate Republicans have urged the Trump administration to at least allow President-elect Joe Biden access to classified briefings, something he currently does not have. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris does have access to classified briefings, but only because she is a current member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and she cannot share that information with Mr. Biden.
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    Business Insider
    Trump's closest business ally just admitted that the president lost the election
    (Grace Dean)

    The outcome of the 2020 election is "very certain," and Joe Biden is the president-elect, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman told Axios Monday.

    Schwarzman is a longtime ally of President Donald Trump. He praised the president, but said that "the country should move on," and stated his readiness to help Biden's team.

    Schwarzman is Trump's closest business ally yet to name Biden as the president-elect. Trump refuses to concede.
    Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone and longtime supporter of President Donald Trump, has said it is "very certain" that Trump lost the election.

    Schwarzman is Trump's closest business ally yet to name Joe Biden as president-elect.

    Trump has refused to concede the election.

    In a statement to Axios, Schwarzman praised Trump but said that "the country should move on."

    "I supported President Trump and the strong economic path he built," he said.

    "Like many in the business community, I am ready to help President-elect Biden and his team as they confront the significant challenges of rebuilding our post-COVID economy."

    He is the latest in a long line of business leaders – including many Republican Party supporters – who have named Biden as the president-elect.

    Schwarzman defended Trump's right to legal action at a meeting on November 6, where CEOs of top US firms discussed what to do if Trump's refusal to concede to Biden becomes a threat to democracy.

    "In my comments three days after the election, I was trying to be a voice of reason and express why it's in the national interest to have all Americans believe the election is being resolved correctly," Schwarzman told Axios.

    "But the outcome is very certain today, and the country should move on."
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    The Washington Post
    164 business leaders urge Trump to begin presidential transition for the sake of the country
    Hannah Denham

    More than 160 of the nation’s top business executives, including several who have been major donors to the Republican Party, urged the Trump administration to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election and begin the transition process.

    A letter signed by dozens of business leaders say it is time to begin the presidential transition process and recognize that Joe Biden is the president-elect.

    A letter published Monday by the Partnership for New York City said ongoing delays in the transition process are putting the country at risk. President Trump has adamantly refused to concede the Nov. 3 race to Democrat Joe Biden, citing baseless claims of voter fraud in several key states, and his administration has yet to take the first steps needed to begin the official changeover. Its 164 signatories included Mastercard chief executive Ajay Banga, Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO David M. Solomon and Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch.

    Notably, while Blackstone president and COO Jon Gray signed the letter, the private equity firm’s chief executive Stephen Schwarzman did not. But Schwarzman, a high-profile Trump ally, has made political waves of his own recently, after he acknowledged President-elect Biden’s victory Monday.

    “The outcome is very certain today, and the country should move on,” Schwarzman said in a statement to Axios. “I supported President Trump and the strong economic path he built. Like many in the business community, I am ready to help President-elect Biden and his team as they confront the significant challenges of rebuilding our post-COVID economy.”

    Schwarzman’s comments reflect a growing chorus of Republican officials and corporate leaders that have previously aligned themselves with Trump distancing themselves from -- or outright calling out -- the administration for its refusal to concede. On Monday, more than 100 leading Republican national security experts urged congressional Republicans in a letter to take action and demand the Trump administration immediately launch the transition.

    And General Motors announced Monday afternoon it would withdraw its support for President Trump’s legal battle against California’s clean-air regulations, encouraging other automakers to do the same and aligning itself with the electrification goals of the incoming Biden administration.

    “We believe the ambitious electrification goals of the President-elect, California, and General Motors are aligned to address climate change by drastically reducing automobile emissions,” chief executive Mary Barra said in a letter to environmental leaders. “We are confident that the Biden Administration, California, and the U.S. auto industry, which supports 10.3 million jobs, can collaboratively find the pathway that will deliver an all-electric future.”

    “Every day that an orderly presidential transition process is delayed, our democracy grows weaker in the eyes of our own citizens and the nation’s stature on the global stage is diminished,” the letter reads. “Our national interest and respect for the integrity of our democratic process requires that the administrator of the federal General Services Administration immediately ascertain that Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris are the president-elect and vice president-elect so that a proper transition can begin. Withholding resources and vital information from an incoming administration puts the public and economic health and security of America at risk.”

    Kathryn Wylde, the partnership’s president and CEO, said in an email to The Post that New York Attorney General Letitia James had asked her to join a Friday call with the New York business leaders to weigh in on the presidential transition. The group decided that “it is essential that the transition proceed and that the business community has a responsibility to make that case.”

    The signatories represent a range of industries, Wylde said, including many who count themselves as Republican or independent.

    During Friday’s conference call, some of the executives discussed withholding campaign donations from Georgia’s two Republican Senate candidates, incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, to motivate the GOP to push for the transition. The nation’s eyes are on the two runoff elections set for early January as key to determining which party will hold majority in the United States Senate.

    “This isn’t about partisan politics, but about protecting our democracy,” James said in an emailed statement. “Without the rule of law and an orderly transfer of power, everything from commerce to health care delivery to national security is in peril, and our business leaders can see that as clearly as the rest of us.”

    The head of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, is legally responsible for deciding when the transition can begin but has refused to acknowledge Biden as president-elect. Almost three weeks after Election Day, the Trump appointee has told agencies that this first step could still be weeks away. Her inaction means Biden cannot access millions of dollars needed to facilitate the transfer of power.

    “America is being ravaged by a deadly pandemic with enormous social and economic consequences,” the letter reads. “The attention and energy of public and private sector leaders should be entirely focused on uniting our country to fight the coronavirus, provide aid to those in need, prevent further business disruption and loss of jobs, and invest in our economic recovery and revitalization.”

    The Partnership for New York City is a nonprofit made up of business leaders and employers from 311 companies that seek to bridge gaps between global industries and government.
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    Originally posted by Solstice Tump won by a lot. A LOT
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    Trump has announced that the GSA is starting the transition process.🎊🎉🍾🥳
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    No concession yet?
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