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Go ahead and tell me your thoughts

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    Bugz African Astronaut
    What do I actually mean to you.

    This thread isn't about you. so don't be such a fucking egotistical fuk.

    let your feelings just bleed out all over my floor. How do you truly feel about the T2k1-man? truth is on standby. So lets redirect what matters on your thoughts on me
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I think you're both interesting and damaged, and probably in a hopeless situation
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    larrylegend8383 Naturally Camouflaged
    Towers. Smoke.

    Why'd you allow it to happen?
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    Bugz African Astronaut
    Originally posted by larrylegend8383 Towers. Smoke.

    Why'd you allow it to happen?

    I didn't. Jeff did. to most of us it was just a John Titor follow along (also as Spec and I talked about, the Demon reflection in the water was one of those follow along-kind of moment. an interactive with a mystery writer) and lots of laughs. but in honesty I recall getting super hammered and calling the FBI about it maybe August 2001. I have posted that statement several times on another forum such as but I can't say it was a false memory or not. because I was drunk.

    clearly My heart was in the right place. and no one today will do shit about researching or giving me FOIA. I got rejected twice.

    rich people can bury shit just nicely.
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    An interesting character 👍
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    WellHung Black Hole
    ur a dweeb.
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