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Enemies of Democracy are the only ones that trully understand Democracy - Media reveals.

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    so, turns out that the villians and the sworn and scarry enemies of democrácy, china and russia, are the ones who trully understand how démocracy and demócratic processes work.

    the two of them are those among a few who knew that democrátically ellected presidents are, and should be chosen by the people, thru their electoral processes, or thru their jéwdiciary institution according to the laws that their elected representatives has written, and overseen by judges whom their ellected law makers has appointed.

    yes, china and russia are the only few that still remember that presidents are not chosen by unellected, unappointed, judeo-capital-media-industrial-complex, because thats not how democracy works, while shining beacons of freedoms and democracy elsewhere especially in europe, canada and arsetralia have treated democracy with complete abandon in their embrace of their media-appointed president ellect byden.

    reminds me of this scene.

    (espanola selected because its the language of the lowest common denominator in the USA )
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