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please ban cock nose for ban evading

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    Ghost Black Hole

    Originally posted by Ghost Just kidding, fuck that redneck hick trailer park drunk faggot that can't even legally buy alcohol on sundays HAHAHAHA stock up on malt nigger and fire up the merzbrow and PS2 on the floor you fucking white trailer trash pedophile cock nose loser

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    hikki saying someone else lacks self-awareness is fuckign hilarious

    easily the funniest thing he's posted
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Jesus is king Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by aldra hikki saying someone else lacks self-awareness is fuckign hilarious

    easily the funniest thing he's posted

    I have plenty of self-awareness
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Jesus is king I have plenty of self-awareness

    Care to elaborate?
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    Lanny motherfucker
    I actually wasn’t supposed to ban his last account, I thought I put a temp ban on the one before that with the really long name but I just spam canned it because I didn’t want to clean his shit posting up. While he is, without a doubt, an insufferable cock nose, he’s probably within his rights to come back.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    What about his less than tropical posts in t and t theres gotta be a case there
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    shame on OP for being a snitch.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Although I do threaten to report peoples posts all the time and have even gone to the lengths of actually taking a screenshot of the report screen with the captcha completed as proof, I am too lazy to actually do it and deal with the fat nigger in my inbox telling me to swab the stern and shimmy up the joists.

    I get enough of that at home from my girlfriend thank you very much.
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    He messaged me this morning...

    Read and learn

    You want argue about something you have no knowledge of

    Imageboards sprung up from the Japanese textboards like ayashii world and 2ch.
    Before 4chan, there were no English speaking western imageboards.
    2003 - 2005 is old school imageboards era, something you have no clue about.
    While your normie ass was mouthbreathing over 14yo titties on MySpace I was jerking off to low res eroge scans on 4chan.

    You will forever be a normie and newfag

    I guess he's been stewing about that discussion from about 3 months ago.

    I told him I was jerking off to his moms tits in 1996 on alt.binaries
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    Ghost Black Hole
    cock nose has never read about how to make a drugs in his life, never read a totse text file on how to make a bomb or drugs. He's such a fucking fake poser

    Subject: Intro to Basics of Fundamental CrankSynth Principals 101
    Date: 1995/09/30
    Message-ID: <>
    Newsgroups: alt.drugs.chemistry
    [More Headers]

    My anonymous Net Pal has asked me to post this for information purposes only

    This information is distributed solely for the purpose of Law Enforsement.
    -Dr.Thaddius POPeye, PhD,
    Dir. Ethics Dept, H.K. Univ.

    An Introduction to the Basics of Fundamental CrankSynth Principals 101,
    An Overview for ChemHacks

    Let's distill our chemHack principals down to the basics, if possible.
    Synthesizing Methamphetamine can be accomplished in more ways than we have
    imagined, but I'll try to describe the general idea in a sort of a
    universal process.
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