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AJJ released an album just in time for the election

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    Great message at the beginning. This album is one of his best.

    "Before we begin, I'd like to encourage you all to vote, and I'd like to encourage you all to vote blue right down the ticket if you have not done so already. And I suggest this purely because I believe fewer people will die in the long run. I have very little faith in Joe Biden as a president, I don't think he's going to do a good job. But the thing is I know is that he'll do a better job, and less people will die if he is president than with Donald Trump. If Biden becomes president, police aren't going to go away, racism isn't going to go away, climate will keep changing. These are things we're going to have to keep fighting for. Those are my two cents, but uh that's it. I want to wish you good luck everybody."
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    Songs are just commercials for awful and ugly people who want your money and your attention and all your love.
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    When we talk about the president we're either pissed off or we're giggling about an atrocity he's committing or some stupid shit he's Tweeting. He's a symptom and a weapon of the evil men who really run the show. The ones who mow down human beings and their money like a cruel Sorceror's Stone. They try to divide us and largely they're succeeding, cause they've undermined our confidence in the news that we are reading. And they make us fight each other with our faces buried deep inside our phones.

    Rest in peace to the information age, those days are now long dead and gone.

    And I can see the weather changing, and I can feel the soul decaying, and I'm observing drastic changes in the way we're all behaving. I can see the soother saying and furthermore I can believe it to be true. Connection's more important now than it ever was, what the fuck are we gonna do? This is the golden age of dickotry, probably the last golden age of anything. And the ugliest word in the English language is Anthropocene.

    Good luck everybody.
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    Oh to be awake for such a shitty dream.
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    For all the pussies you grabbed and all the kids you locked in prison
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