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Meal kits

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    Ghost Black Hole
    I got a giftcard for a meal kits and they are so dumb, I make this shit at home already. This is literally poverty leftovers food.

    Is this how rich people eat? Healthy home cooked meal made from bargain buys at the grocery store from shopping in the outer aisles not the middle! is that how they got rich enough to afford meal kits by only eating like a poor person.

    Because thats the mentality I see, every rich person i've ever known never orders food and they brag about saving 10 cents on a chicken.
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    Meikai African Astronaut
    If you do your own grocery shopping you ain't rich. You ain't bragging about saving 10 cents on a chicken if you're rich, because rich people don't know how much groceries actually cost. And I ain't talking about "meal kits", I mean they have staff for that.
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