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Getting on SSI 750$ a month

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    Seems to get 750$ a month + all you have to do is fake an illness just like people do when getting drugs.

    I'm on SSI and all I did was go to a cousler and she diagnosed me with some crap I never hears before and bang. Checks in the direct deposit. First they gave backpay because you have to wait like 6 months.

    I was diagnosed with asberger's and shezoaaffective = cash in the bank. I never take any meds or go to the doctor. They don't require you to do anything- but get paid.

    Of course I didn't know what to do with the money back then and blew it all on expensive liquor...and other wasteful things I didn't even buy a car.

    Now I used the money to invest and take online classes.
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    Zanick #2 Houston [my concurrently tip-tilted dermestidae]
    That's a good deal, but surely it won't be enough to fund even the least costly of my conspiracies. What workarounds must I be aware of, prior to seriously considering this lifestyle?

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    Ghost Black Hole (banned)
    what does SSI stand for
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    Technologist motherfucker
    Originally posted by Ghost what does SSI stand for

    I think he’s on SSDI. Social security disability income.

    SSI is just social security income.
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    Ghost Black Hole (banned)
    yeah i was confused
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    STER0S African Astronaut [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    what kind of super-powers does aspergers give you?
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    enjoy your trumpbucks and remember who gives it to you your favorite president me.
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    stl1 Naturally Camouflaged
    Will $750 a month even keep you in throwing stars much less pay to sharpen your Samurai sword?
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    Originally posted by stl1 Will $750 a month even keep you in throwing stars much less pay to sharpen your Samurai sword?

    Its not much but even though I'm making side money now its still a nice bogus to my other enterprizes. I can save and get my own place.

    I can't even pay for samurai school right now. But soon I will.
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    Ghost Black Hole (banned)
    Originally posted by STER0S what kind of super-powers does aspergers give you?

    you can spill a jar of beans on the floor and instantly know how many there are without having to count them.

    Like I knew this retarded guy at my old job and if you knocked a box of screws off the bench he would be like "OMG U KNOCKED OVEr 47 SCREWS AND 23 BOLTS" but if you asked him to a do a bunch of complicated things he gets flustered and confused and people expected less of him even though he could process numbers and shit faster than a computer

    makes you think how different peoples brains work and process information. I know i have my weaknesses in some areas but I am good in others, everyone is different. You can get a lot done with lots of varied skillsets and brain functions but the way society is set up they want everyone to think and act the same and it makes me sad that a lot of these potentially very talented people get shelved because they don't "meet criteria" and they just spend their lives on disability because there is no place for them in the professional world.

    Maybe it's just the way things are supposed to be and my brain is just not up to the standards to see how everything is perfect and getting better every day. I basically fall into the same category except I have learned over the years to force myself to not think for myself around people because it just gets me into trouble. Just smile, wave, put on the mask and be fake as fuck and treat people like robots it seems to get you the furthest in life.

    Originally posted by Kev Your job title isn’t the only thing that determines how influential you are. Every word you use at work expresses your personal brand, from your confidence and authority to your depth of knowledge. And it’s verbs–those action words that should be the engine of a sentence–that most often trip us up.

    Overusing certain weak verbs can make you sound weaker, too. They can undercut your ability to inspire others and suggest to listeners–from top executives and colleagues to your direct reports–that you aren’t really sure of yourself. So while there’s certainly room for uncertainty in any workplace, you might want to trim these verbs from your vocabulary.
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