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Some cuck reported my news article bot website

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    filtration African Astronaut
    So I am using GitHub Pages (yeah yeah -- it's free) to host a botted gaming news website, that scrapes gaming news websites and shit and some admin of one of the websites I scraped reported my shit... What a jediet

    Wish I knew what cuck reported it, because I'd goatee their website...

    I'll just create another org and shit...
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    filtration African Astronaut
    I'm not even hosting any images, they're all linked directly, so surely it can't be DMCA'd... I mean who the fuck can copyright the fucking English betabet...
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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    Shit the bed!
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    Ghost Black Hole (banned)
    it was me
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    filtration African Astronaut
    I'll try and bypass it, by instead of copying their article content, just use a static header, and use an iframe to shown their website.
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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]

    Regards, FBI
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