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Stark political bias in google results

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    Soyboy 2020 IV: Intravenous Soyposting African Astronaut [scrub the quick-drying deinonychus]
    I took a few random words from a few random articles by a few random writers—some on the left and some on the right—and ran searches on a few different search engines. Then I counted to see what position the article came up in. These were the results.
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    netstat Tuskegee Airman
    I have noticed this too, don't know if it's intentional censorship or something to do with SEO, google I find almost unusable for some searches because many sites have figured out how to game their rankings and get pushed to the top, while DDG seems to provide more organic, less censored (though often still shitty) results.
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    Meikai Houston
    The contest has narrowed down to you and another student, but the head of the department really wants the other student to win, so before the judging committee even has a chance to read your essay, the head of the department destroys it and the other student wins the free tuition.

    Not fair, right?

    Completely unfair, but that is exactly what Google is doing to writers on the right.

    TIL not getting favorable placement in search results is exactly the same as having your physical essay destroyed before it can be read. Google is apparently hacking into these people's computers and deleting their articles before they can be published. They can't keep getting away with it!

    On the real though, that is somewhat concerning. Clearly this man's methodology is completely unimpeachable and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that google is weighting the scales against Ann Coulter.
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    Google's bias is stark, and that should concern anyone—left or right, writer or reader—who abhors totalitarianism and the concentration of power in the hands of a few—anyone who values intellectual and political freedom.

    Good fucking god I am tired of cuckservatives trying to appeal the lefts sense of fairness. As if they're reasonable people and will turn around and say "oh wow, hey I had no idea google was doing that, that's not cool maaaaan, we may disagree but..."

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