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The hacking scene

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    Misterigh Houston
    What's with it now?

    Is it just a bunch of white hat snitches or are there any real digital gangsters out there?

    It seems to be dying down. Things were poppin but now its completely black and white.
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    I know people making thousands of dollars doing minecraft hacks
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    Misterigh Houston
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood I know people making thousands of dollars doing minecraft hacks

    See, this is what I'm talking about.

    Don't get me wrong. I make and save a lot with my little digital hustles but I'm curious on how these people are actually profitting from a game. Its all different than in the past, and its likely going to continue to evolve, but its weird seeing it change. I always like how it was, maybe I'm just getting old...
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    IDK i'm not really in it for the money.
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    netstat Tuskegee Airman
    SWIM was never well connected but many of the people SWIM used to talk to when SWIM was doing blackhat things went white/grey, there's a lot of money in bug bounties now so a lot of the really skilled guys are getting 5-6 figure payouts from big tech or are salaried security engineers and blackhat is less enticing. It's harder to be a skid now too because technical defenses have improved and you can't do things like trivially sql inject social media sites and sniff passwords anymore, which kind of leaves advanced adversarial exploitation in the hands of firms like NSO group, low level attacks seem to mainly involve ransomware these days as it's technically easy and profitable.

    I also think the death of large semi-organised hacking groups like anonymous through identification, arrest and prosecution of key members discouraged a lot of people from wanting to do anything too public-facing.

    Which isn't to say hobbyist blackhat is dead, although SWIM isn't involved anymore there are almost certainly some interesting projects and people around.
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    Misterigh Houston
    Looks like bleaching that hat is the general thing to do. Strange.

    Is that what one should do?

    Become a white hat pussy?

    Out and about says no, but we'll let the conversation flow.
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