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any1 know where to get sum MDE?

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    Kev African Astronaut
    Its snowing!!! kinda cold in my room so i will be cuddling in my plush blankie while i have the lights and music rolling. i dont wanna dance all night, just melt in the plush which is why i want MDE, not molly (hard to find non-bunk mdma anyway) but its even harder to find this variant, i cant find it on any of the dark marketplaces, my go-to RC vendor is out of stock.

    any of you fine OG totseans hook me up?
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    yeah do you have a valid credit card
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    Kev African Astronaut
    nope, i only use WU or monero.
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    baron55 Yung Blood
    türkiyede isen hediye edebilirim sana
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Kev African Astronaut
    Originally posted by A College Professor

    cant do, all those pages require da evil javascript.
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    Meikai Tuskegee Airman
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