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Trump, who has Covid 19, no longer spreading it to his fans after brilliant media coup

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    Soyboy 2020 IV: Intravenous Soyposting African Astronaut [scrub the quick-drying deinonychus]
    In what's being hailed as a 14-dimensional Go move, President Trump added a Black Lives Matter decal to his SUV so he can take as many trips outside the hospital as he wants, and the media won't be able to claim he's spreading COVID.

    "Checkmate," Trump said as he smiled and waved to reporters. "This is fantastic. Now, if I want to go grab a milkshake from the McDonald's drive-thru – bam, Black Lives Matter sticker. Can't touch me. Can't criticize me. It's beautiful. Tremendous, really."
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    Sleepyjoe Yung Blood
    Its the niggers fault
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition

    the actual justification for BLM rallies not spreading the virus is because they were intimidating more people into staying home than attending the protests

    ie. net lower number of people out and about
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    Trump gave himself covid and has access to the vaccine already so he's fine and just wanted to test positive because it makes him look better
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    Lol, he should put that sticker on his car just to troll.
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