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Is Goat simulator actually worth buying?

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    Soyboy 2020 IV: Intravenous Soyposting African Astronaut [scrub the quick-drying deinonychus]
    It's €2 on Steam, but I dunno if it's just a meme or what.
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    Yes, well worth 2 oy row
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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    BTW that was meant to be german pronunciation not an irish accent
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    Xlite Tuskegee Airman
    Last time i played it was in beta iirc. And that was only fun for about 10 minutes.

    That was years ago though, it might be better now.
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    Yeah, it's fun for 10 mins, that's it.
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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    It was free on ps plus a few months ago I think

    Looks kinda fun

    There’s even farming simulator or something like that too
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    Farming sim is much more involved.
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