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Lattice quantum chromodynamics

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    Indiana-Is-Eternal African Astronaut
    So I came to life in 1990, right at a point where human civilization had entered advanced technological development.
    I could have been born at any period of human development but it happened to be at this epoch.
    One feeling I've had that has stuck with me my entire life is thought that I'm inside a simulation and that I am the only real conscious being, you're all my npcs.
    If at at a certain point a civilization can create simulated realities and birth conscious entities within them it goes without saying that the likelyhood that I am in one is basically 99.9%.
    Even Elon Musk and most scientists agree with the simulation theory.

    As virtual reality advances still further, entire worlds are constructed using the smallest quantum units for building blocks. This opens up some profound opportunities in the 23rd century. For example, artificial planet Earths can have their parameters altered slightly – gravity, mass, temperature and so on – then fast-forwarded billions of years to compare the outcomes. Intelligent species evolving on these virtual worlds may be entirely unaware that they are part of a giant simulation.

    So then what kind of being and or civilization created this simulation I'm in and for what purpose?
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    Indiana-Is-Eternal African Astronaut
    This could also explain the Fermi paradox

    There literally isn't any other advanced life in this universe because the ancestor civilization didn't include any.
    Contact with other intelligent lifeforms will happen through multidimensional communication.

    What will the ancestor species be like though.
    I assume some sort of immatetial entity like an ASI.
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    Indiana-Is-Eternal African Astronaut
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Quantum chromodynamics has to do with a certain kinds of charge. What does a lattice have to do with that?
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