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Multi-level Marketing

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    rabbitweed African Astronaut
    One of my old colleagues has gotten into multi-level marketing. It's fucking sad. He left his low paying job in NZ to leave his family and work in the mines in Australia. He's a native, so of course his uncles cousins brothers cousins bro can totally get him a job there. Except they couldn't. Ended up working at a warehouse, and now he's been sucked into an MLM scheme.

    He's hard selling to get me into it as well. Using shaming tactics, showing me messages from his family thanking him for getting him on the pyramid, he's just throwing everything at me. I keep telling him he's fucking stupid, but they've got him hook line and sinker.

    I feel bad for him. Or do I? I thought he was fairly smart, but I guess not. Maybe I need to start Pyramid Scheme. Milk these retarded human cows for all the cash milk money they have.
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