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Lots of connection SNL and Walnut Creek

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    Bugz Tuskegee Airman
    As well as Hollywood

    The Irishman, near the ending the Irishman moves out to Walnut Creek

    the only Member of SNL that Played on MadTV grew up in Walnut Creek.

    Blake Anderson and his Rapey Van Co Star lived in both Walnut Creek and Concrud (which are linked to groundlings where apparently Lorne Michaels goes to see new talent which is in LA but originated from the Second City Troup in Chicago and Toronto where the guy was from San Francisco area and lived in Walnut Creek.

    Jeff never lived in Walnut Creek. he lived in the neighboring city of Lafeyette which another SNL member was from Will Forte (also a groundling member)

    Kyle Gass from Tenacious D and friend of Jack Black (Also a groundling) grew up as well in Walnut Creek (Walnut Creek was a small town until 1990s, it's not big by any means)

    Lorne Michaels used to work for Dillis Filler. She went our church. I mean Phyllis Diller. hmm

    then there is the Harper Reed thing. He's from Greely Co. but then again so is Red's dad. and the South Park guys are from Greely. I'm curious if harper ever lived in the bay area. lars from metallica did live in Walnut Creek fro some time. And I guess Harper got to know Lars and get a personalize Metallica signed tour book with photos. That's pretty cool of Metallica. I'm not blaming Harper for shit. I'm just referencing him in this madness

    small world

    And Primus Les Claypool was friends with Metallica Kirt Hammlet, Les tried out for Metallica and they said he wasn't their style (or according to les.. I was too good for them") and so Hammlet got the gig.

    which brings us back to Southpark. Small world. first few seasons Primus did the opening for.


    D'Eye D'Eye
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    Bugz Tuskegee Airman
    it's weird, I was looking up my home address while divorcing my Wife.. and umm it said "Jack Black" was a residence there. we bought the house from the original owners, no one name Jack Black ever lived there before.

    Just saying. weird
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