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A place to make hash oil.

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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    So I was thinking.
    What would you call a place that you could go to and pay to use equipment to make your own stuff out of your weed?
    Living in Massachusetts I can grow up to 12 plants per household and I need a place to make stuff or even cure my weed?
    Years ago there was a place I went to to brew beer you could either bring your own ingredients or purchase them at the shop.
    I used their stove top to boil the whert in their containers and their fermentor, they had all the equipment I needed right down to the bottles and cappers.
    I only did it because I was really into brewing at home and I wanted to try and make a really big batch,2 kegs.
    The beer came out great and then I decided micro brewing was not for me, way to much of an investment and lots of risk.
    So with weed what if you owned place where people could come in and say make tincture without stinking up their condo and have the karen next door have a fit over the smell.
    Or a place that had climate controlled lockers that you could rent to cure your buds.
    Equipment for doing hash oil extracts,wax I don't know maybe an oven or two for making brownies.
    Make your own vape juice,sell the propylene @ 200% mark up.
    I'm just spitballen half in the bag on a Sunday night.
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    CASPER Soldier of Fourchin
    You would call it a backyard. I blasted shatter in my backyard and then used a friends vacuum oven. But you can use cheaper stuff than a vacuum oven if youneed to.
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