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Any experience with embedded linux?

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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I was bored browsing github, and a couple of forums and i came across a repo called Buildroot Toolchains and i looked into it a bit. IDK if you're interested in custom ROMs for android and such and as far as i understand it Android is basically embedded linux as well and custom ROMs are constructed with these sorts of toolchains. I was under the impression though that these kinds of things aren't adequate to roll your own distro for use on a proper computer. Or that architectures such as amd64 were simply unsupported.

    Then i read that Ubuntu Core which can be installed via `snap` and with multipass fell under the category of embedded linux as well.

    I got an Ubuntu Core image running and it's basically just minimalist Ubuntu. I've always had this idea in my head that i'd want to roll my own distro one day. If i could use Buildroot Toolchains and all the automation that comes with it it seems like a feasible thing to do.

    Here's a list with supported architectures related to the repo i was talking about. Link. The repo here was based on the bootlin toolchain, the website for which can be found here

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