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    A College Professor Naturally Camouflaged [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Little cousin Arny gave up drinking many many months ago because he made his choice to go on a crusade of becoming a straight-edge nitwit. Honestly more power to him because every time he "makes himself into a better person", just a short time later you see him leveling-up in the flesh net. He wasn't a bad kid growing up, though he got into a little trouble as a young man - running with the wrong crowd. At one point he sniffed a shot of Jager and ent up sucking a few cocks and got himself hurt. Fast forward to today and hes still the Mercurial Man but he has found a way to harness his outbursts of false outrage and uses them to spark something, rather than letting them slowly smolder into nothing.

    How many people do you know who reliably spend most of their waking hours doing only productive and positive things? I know a couple people like that, I look up to them but I still haven't found out how to live like that. I've pulled it off for short periods of time, say spurts of a few weeks or months. Those are the times that I have accomplished the most, or made the most progress, or completed the most rewarding tasks. I'll reach a milestone ( or not ) ,maybe I feel like the mission is complete and I can go back to what I really am the most comfortable with: leisure and relaxation. I don't know how I got to be this way, maybe from going to school where they were pushing harder and harder every year to learn more and more things that were often less and less interesting, by the end of it I could barely put up with their shit but at least when I got to go home I could do whatever the hell I wanted. Now I don't have to do anything so it's very easy to go on indefinite summer-vacation.

    I've tried to toe the line and play punch-the-clock ( normy life ) and it's usually not too bad once settled in, but it must tap out my little pea-brain of all it's Chakra, because it isn't that fulfilling and I still have that urge to relax and cut-loose ( now i've earned it ). It could be with anything; playing video games obsessively, tarding out watching documentaries and movies, but most-likely: drinking copious amounts of budweiser. All that shit is kind of stupid, and I think that's why I like it, because it's low effort and high-reward in the moment.

    I want to learn Spanish, I have a textbook on it and a subscription to one of those language-learning sites, I've spent maybe 15 or 20hrs on it but it's becoming more difficult and at the end of the day I usually just want to chill-down, not work on difficult things. I just want to shoot the shit with my bomos and chase that chatroom pussy ( due to the virus I am not getting laid, OTHERWISE ID BE SLAYING THAT FUCKING TANG ) but if I don't fuel up on Bud the conversation can be pretty stale and uninteresting. I'm an introvert, but on The Sauce my creative juices get flowing ( there's definitely a sweet-spot half way through the session where creativity is high and retardation is low, but towards the end I usually ent up going full retard ) and I activate my powerbottom energy. All too often when I activate my creative juices, I also wake up with my stomach juices wanting to flow in reverse. It's give and take.

    GOVERNMENT WARNING: ACCORDING TO THE SMURGEON GENERAL,… CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES … MAY CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS I don't want to pickle my brain and liver but I'm tired of watching re-runs of Andy Griffith and I know I'm not gonna study my Spanish anyway. What are people supposed to do for fun that is good? Arny gave up all this shit and he's doing well but also in his video he sounds so fucking bored and unsatisfied. Arny's grandfather quit smoking cigarettes at age 31, when the surgeon general went on record and said smoking was hazardous to human life. He listened to the warning and he lived to be like 80 or 90 years old. I've chilled down and stopped drinking before and I still feel groggy when I wake up, some people claim they feel way better after they stopped but I'm just not a "morning person" I guess.

    When I wake up and see my beeramid sometimes I'm a bit disgusted with myself because I know it is punishing to my body, I can decide that I wont do it again tonight but once that bell rings and I go home there isn't shit else going on and the headache was already gone by lunchtime. The body is an electric vessel that we get to occupy, and it's not right to abuse it.

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    I'll take a dollup of Doyle sauce
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    cigreting African Astronaut
    who arny
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    Doyles sauce
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    Cly African Astronaut [foredate your moneyless friar's-cowl]
    smoke weed
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    Originally posted by cigreting who arny

    If you have to ask you'll never know you doyle head
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    Fat-Thrift Yung Blood
    Fuck, I dunno dude. I guess I'm living the normy life but it isn't very fulfilling.

    The last few years I have worked on saving up money with the end goal of being rich. It keeps me motivated, and without a goal I would be much worse off. I managed to buy a rental property, and saved enough money that I'm looking at a second rental property to buy. It hasn't been easy. I don't make a ton of money at work, so it's hard to save.

    I don't have a lot of expenses either though. My car is paid off. I don't go out all that much.

    My advice is to find a goal that motivates you. Just picking something "cool" like speaking a language won't keep you motivated. It has to be something that you desire, like money, or sex.

    Like, if you said "I want to sleep with Alexis Texas" and then sat down and made a plan to do it, you would probably be motivated and have a goal that motivates you. Or if you said "I want to be a millionaire" which is my goal, it has kept me pretty straight and narrow.

    Find a goal.

    Also, keep me updated.
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